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Just Another (Chemistry)

Webinar Series

JAWSChem is a chemistry seminar series designed to give a platform to early career researchers in chemistry from all walks of life. In this era of missed conferences, and despite the move into the virtual space, opportunities for early career chemists to share their research are still few and far between and we aim to change that.

 May 4, 2021

11am EST/ 4pm GMT


Laia Delgado Callico

King's College London, UK

Dr. Sreetama Pal

Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, India

Dr. Timothy A. Dreier

Sandia National Laboratory, USA

May 11, 2021

8pm EST/ 1am GMT



Dr. Paulette Vincent-Ruz

University of Michigan, USA

Dr. Nicole James

Northern Illinois University, USA

 May 18, 2021

11am EST/ 4pm GMT


Amelia Bunnell

University of Florida, USA

Muhammad Abdullah

University of Massachusetts

Amherst, USA

Abhigya Mookherjee 

University of Washington, USA